Mint Ventures is a research-driven venture firm that specializes in cryptocurrency and early-stage blockchain start-ups. It is committed to paving the way for blockchain and Web3 revolution by funding promising blockchain companies with positive and sophisticated fundamentals and helping them propel the business forward.
We proactively engage in private placements of emerging projects as well as secondary markets.



  • We are extensively experienced in the blockchain industry as prominent serial entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • We leverage our integrated experiences, networks and research capabilities to find tailored solutions to the recurring challenges faced by early-stage projects, including, but not limited to strategic planning, business modelling, product mechanism and marketing resources. We are here to provide multi-dimensional support to achieve your success!



  • The team with resilience, innovation and ambition.
  • Provide practical solutions to some long-standing problems by leveraging blockchain core features.
  • Design a winning economic circular flow that works perfectly for the whole business model.
  • Determine the market cycle and perform contrarian investing in cycles.
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